Adult Education, Chair Doug Zakin

Promotes life-long learning through a variety of thought provoking, stimulating programs, classes and courses of study. Sponsors the Scholar in Residence weekend(s) and plans numerous trips to places and events designed to enable us to have a deeper understanding of our Jewish heritage and culture..

Bimah Coordination

Selects members of the congregation for the honor of sitting on the bimah and participating during Shabbat services. Coordinates members of the Board of Trustees who will greet and sit on the bimah during Shabbat services.

Brotherhood, President Eric Rappaport

Brotherhood offers the opportunity for the men of our Congregation to perform mitzvot and to become actively involved in our Jewish community.


Makes a detailed annual estimate of the income and operating expenses of the Congregation, supervises the annual audit of the Congregational accounts and develops for approval by the Board of Trustees the annual operating and capital budgets.

ByLaws, Chair Mike Stroock

Reviews, updates and recommends to the Board of Trustees changes to the Congregational by-laws as the need arises.


Accepts and invests monies donated to the Temple. Filters requests for monies and recommends to the Board whether to accept or deny the requests.


Plans programs, educational opportunities and initiatives that will promote the greening of the Temple through economically prudent alternatives.

Executive Committee

Composed of all the elected officers and the presidents of Brotherhood and Sisterhood, the committee formulates policy for recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

Family Life Education

Creates programs of an intergenerational nature for parents to participate in with their children. By educating the parents, they can then help educate their children.

Fund Raising

Devises ideas, programs and events that will help raise money for the Synagogue.

House, Chair David Weinstein

Keeps the building and property of the Congregation in good order and repair, and establishes, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, rules and regulations for the use of the Congregation’s physical facilities.


Develops programs to familiarize our congregants with the customs and rituals of other religions and their congregants with those of Reform Judaism.


Recommends ways to broaden the inclusiveness of synagogue life for all people with developmental, cognitive, physical and psychological disabilities. Develops plans and goals for what needs to be done so the Synagogue can become Lehiyot certified.

Liaison Committee

Bridges any gap between congregants and the Board, clergy, or Temple Staff.

Library, Ruth Radin

Established to update and maintain the Judaic and secular Library holdings.

Marketing and Communications, Mark Pinsley

Promotes and publicizes programs and events both within the temple and in the media. Unifies all internal communication under a single logo and tagline.

Membership, Julia Miles

Recruits new members for the Congregation and develops programs for their orientation, integration and retention.

KITY Youth Group, Nathalie Sams

Middle KITY, for our youth in grades 6-12 sponsors programs that integrate their social and educational needs within a fun and comfortable social environment.

Miklot, Chair Pat Glascom

Selects, develops, trains and retains congregants who will give their time and talent to the Congregation and helps accelerate their progress toward Synagogue leadership.

Mitzvah Corps, Marjorie Weiss

Under the auspices of the Sisterhood, helps congregants in time of need. Members call and/or visit congregants in the hospital. Families of congregants who are ill or have passed away are offered a home-cooked meal prepared by members.

Nominating, Rima Hirsch

Considers and proposes to the Board of Trustees and the Congregation a slate of candidates for the positions of offices and trustees, consistent with Article 12 of the By-laws.


Welcomes intermarried couples to take part in Synagogue life and support those whose lives have been touched by an interfaith relationship. Provides education and support for Jews by Choice, interfaith or intermarried couples and their families, and born Jews who desire to connect or reconnect with their spiritual community.


Comprised of the president, president-elect, the two executive vice presidents and any other Board members the chair invites. Establishes, reviews and amends duties and responsibilities of all Synagogue employees. Negotiates length and terms of contracts with clergy and professional staff.

Religious Practices, Chair Charlie Richter

In cooperation with the Rabbi, considers and establishes observances for the Synagogue and promotes practices in the home that will enhance the values of Jewish living. Also defines, implements and publicizes appropriate policy pertaining to our worship services and life cycle events.

Religious School

In cooperation with the Rabbi and Religious School Director, develops the educational curriculum for the children and supervises the operation of the school.


Provides a means for the “60-something plus” generation to join together for social, educational, cultural and religious activities.


Allocates monies to Temple members needing financial assistance for activities such as summer camp and or school tuition.

Senior KITY Youth Group

Senior KITY, for teens in grades 9-12, sponsors programs that integrate the social and educational needs of Jewish youth within a fun and comfortable social environment.

Sisterhood, President Michele Salomon

Sisterhood provides an opportunity for the women of our Congregation to get together for social, educational and cultural programs. Our Sisters volunteer to work together for our Synagogue and the community at large.

Social Action

Organizes volunteer activities that will be of service to members of our Congregation and activities that address the needs of the greater Lehigh Valley community as well. Develops programs that will help educate members of the Congregation about current social and political issues. Publicizes and advocates causes that are of particular importance both to the Congregation and the Jewish community at large.

Strategic Planning

Coordinates and evaluates long range planning.

Sustaining Members, Chair Steve Blumberg

Encourages congregants to pay above regular dues to become sustaining members. Organizes activities for its members.

Technology, Jeff Bernfeld

Develops and maintains the Synagogue’s Internet website as a source of information and oversees our computers and network.

Youth Group Activities, Matan Peled

Creates, sustains and oversees the quality, scope and curriculum of the Temple’s youth programs. Serves as the adult advocate for the youth groups in the Temple community and ensures that the philosophies, policies and standards of the congregation are implemented in the youth group programs.