Why is it important to be a Confirmation participant?

Confirmation is an important step towards solidifying a young person’s Jewish identity. Confirmands begin to formulate and grapple with important adult concepts through a Jewish lens that they weren’t ready to approach as a 13 year old B’nai Mitzvah student. The Confirmation experience provides our students the opportunity to be in continued dialogue with who they are becoming as Jewish young adults and the importance of Judaism in their lives. If our students go off to college with a 13 year old perspective of Judaism they often do not feel that they have the tools to converse with others about who they are as Jews and might often feel like an outsider in the college Jewish community. This is only the beginning. Being a part of the Confirmation program gives our students the opportunity to continue to develop their Judaism in order to make the world a better place.

How can Confirmation participants take pride & ownership of their Jewish learning?

Confirmation is a year-long journey of Jewish self-discovery. Through the course of the year Confirmands will explore the place of Jewish prayer in their lives, discover what it means to be a part of the greater teen Jewish community, challenge themselves to define their opinions on important topics of concern to themselves and their peers, and stand in front of their congregation and community to commit publicly to their Jewish engagement.