Student Activities

Grade Level Shabbat

The first Friday of every month is designated to give each student an opportunity to take responsibility for participating in and leading a Shabbat service for our community. This is an integral part of our curriculum. Families are encouraged to attend all grade level Shabbat services to build a connection to our KI community and to learn and listen to the prayers they will be learning in Hebrew school.

Tzedakah Program

Students are encouraged to fulfill the mitzvah (commandment) of tzedakah as a part of our religious school. Tzedakah comes from the root word- tzadee.dalet.koof. (tzedek) which means “righteousness” or “justice.”

In Judaism tzedakah is not an act of charity, rather is it simply an act of justice. When our students are righteous in their actions and deeds we build a better community and a better world.

The first semester our tzedakah collection will benefit the local JFS Food Pantry as well as Leket, Israel’s National Food Bank. These two essential projects demonstrate our obligation to support our local community as well as our connection to Israel . The second semester students in their individual classes will have the opportunity to decide on their own project.